Welcome to our CSR Blog!

CSR for Development (CSR4Dev) is an open platform where students, researchers, teachers, civic leaders, corporate idealists, and the overall international community can express their thoughts and spread ideas on Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in society both in the developed and developing world.

CSR4Dev is the brainchild of three recent LUMID graduate students (Eva, Tanny and Susanna) who share the strong belief that global businesses are rightly growth driven but also have a vested interest to promote sustainable solutions to social and human development.

We have dedicated this blog to anchor ourselves on topics and issues related to CSR. We hope to maintain an active dialogue through current events, readings, and reflections from our ends of the world with the vision of shaping a more critical evaluation of CSR’s implications for development. The blog will also be space for promoting ideas on how corporations, organizations and individuals through innovation and creativeness can contribute to sustainable and equitable growth of societies.

We hope that after reading our blog, you as a global citizen, corporate leader, non-profit organization, or anyone else with an interest for CSR will be inspired to continue promoting responsible business in your local communities and in the global markets where you work!



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