First ever stakeholder-based certification system for the oil and gas industry

If the world can’t completely convert from oil and gas to electric*, then why not make oil and gas operations more responsible?

It’s the called the the EO100 Standard and it allows for a 3rd party verification process by independent stakeholders, outside the actual operating managment, including the companies, academics, governments, and NGOs and indigenous communities, to qualify and evaluate oil and gas company’s environmental, social, and sustainability impact and performance.

Previously EO100 Standard v. 0.5 was established for oil and gas operators in the Amazon and Andean regions of South America, but it appears that the renewed EO100 Standard v 1 will allow its application to more global oil and gas operators. Operators will be held accountable under the EO metrics and performance standards in areas such as corporate governance, human rights, fair labour, climate change effects, and project life cycle management. Essentially, the aim is to make more transparent the entire process from contract to implementation and in any post-completion and remediation.The standard is implemented by the organization, Equitable Origins, which started in 2009, with the vision of bringing greater transparency and credibility to CSR activities.

*Although Israel is on the move motivated by Shai Agassi’s Better Place organization to build electric energy infrastructure around the world to promote the electric vehicle switch:



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