Understanding Shared Value

FSG  created a quick video to demonstrate the meaning of shared value conceived by bringing in the interaction of business and society for collective social impact. It isn’t just enough to “greenwash” your business but to change the mindsets of the  individuals leading the organization and ultimately diffuse to all employees that business and society are not mutually exclusive.

See here


Protecting Children’s Rights is everyones business

UNICEF, The UN Global Compact and Save the Children recently launched a set of ten business principles established to support and protect children’s rights.

What I find interesting is that these principles go beyond only focusing on the issue of child labor. The principles take a holistic approach to how the business community can support children’s rights and wellbeing. For example principle #6 focus on responsible marketing towards children. Principle #9 focus on how companies can contribute to help children in emergency situations. Principle #3 focus on providing decent working conditions for young people, parents and caregivers. This initiative clearly demonstrate that companies can take more responsibility for children in the communities and countries they operate in.

Read about the Children’s Right’s and business principles in detail at www.unglobalcompact.org

Equality means Business

Fast forward five minutes into this youtube clip and listen to UN Secretary General speak about the UN Global Compact Women’s Empowerment principles.

Happy International Women’s Day!

My cup of tea…

Stumbled upon these lovely packages of Fair Trade and organic tea by Pukka. The brand is inspired by the ancient indian health philosophy of ayurveda and  is founded on principles of sustainability and equitable sourcing.

Read more about the story behind Pukka  at www.pukkaherbs.com.