The Team

Eva Alm 

I am native Swedish and have a long experience in tourism and am a passionate promotor of Sustainability, inclusive businessmodels, and UN Global Compact. I have a Bachelors degree in business management from Otago University, New Zealand; an IPM diploma from Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil and a Masters degree in international development and management from Lund University, Sweden. I went to the Maldives in 2010 with Susanna to work for the United Nations Development Programme, but also to research for our dissertation, which recieved attention both in Maldivian media as well from the government who used it in their HR Development plan for 2011-2014. I am currently working in the Norwegian tourism industry promoting ISR the best I can and when there is nothing better to do I love to write, walk in the mountains or practice my ballerinaskills on the slackline.

Susanna Johansson 

First of all thank you for dropping by our blog!
My name is Susanna Johansson. I am a native norwegian now living in Skåne, Sweden. This is also where I back in 2009 at Lund University met Eva and Tanny through the LUMID masters programme.  I did my undergraduate in Social Sciences with a focus on anthropology. From early on I have been drawn to exploring different cultures, which have led me to many ends of the world, amongst them volunteer work in Ecuador, studies in Argentina and researching Women’s and CSR issues in the Maldives. Currently, I  work in the private sector, however being part of this blog is a way for me to keep reflecting, discussing and sharing thoughts on CSR and development issues. On my free time I enjoy practicing yoga, traveling, hiking and cross-country skiing. I am also engaged as a volunteer in a REALLY good project called The Hunger Project.

Living in Tanzania from 2010-2011 was only part of Tanny’s dream as a “Chinese in Africa.” The other part of her dream has to do with trying to make sense of this topic. Interning at the African Development Bank helped her to do just this as she assessed the social and environmental impacts on Chinese contracted road development projects along the Tanzanian-Kenyan border. She decided it’s not just how poorly or positively projects affect the local people and environments but how to jump-start the good initiatives into action and actually create and capture value. Tanny is passionate about responsible value chains and recently started to dabble in the potential of Chinese CSR in Africa and social venturing in the emerging economies. She hopes to eventually start her own organization that will help to bridge the cross-cultural gaps in communication, business innovation, and ultimately social entrepreneurship. Currently, Tanny is enjoying an autumn-like winter in the American Southwest and running crazy with her adopted dog, Sasha.



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